Eric Bible headshot, lead Web Designer at EJB Dev & Design, LLC


Eric Bible | Founder, Owner, CEO and Dev & Design Lead

Eric Bible is the Development & Design Lead and the brains behind our operation.

With over 10 years of business management experience in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Industry, he comes well equipped to the task. He always had an interest in technology, developing his high school’s website with a friend as a teen.

Eric has gotten reacquainted with web development this year, in the late Spring and hasn’t looked back! Since then he has began pursuing a degree in Computer Science while also having undertaken a coding bootcamp through YPracticum.

Eric with his family dog, Diesel


Eric with his family dog, Diesel.

Eric is a lover of all pets and all coffee 🐶☕️ In his spare time, when he’s not building things he likes to read, play RPGs on his PS4, do cardio and listen to music and podcasts.

Reach out to him on Twitter and say hello! Or request a pricing discussion and work with him today!

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